Adventure Technolgy Xception Bent Shaft Kayak Paddle (various lengths)

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The Cadillac of our range of kayak paddles, AT paddles combine beauty, strength and a great paddle to make every stroke count.

The Xception standard paddle features foam filled fiberglass blades for superb buoyancy with a seamless transition to a combination carbon, aramid, fiberglass shaft that puts the power to the water but offers a slight flex with each stroke to minimize paddler strain.

The 2 piece construction is great for travel, storage or living snugly under deck rigging as a spare paddle and features a quick release furrel that allows for any offset blade angles as well as the ability to extend overal paddle length up to an additional 5cm for use with multiple kayaks or cadences.

Super lightweight and strong, this paddle will make you love every second on the water.


Construction: Fiberglass blade, composite carbon, aramid, fiberglass shaft

Length: we offer 230 or 240 cm lengths with the ability to increase an additional 5cm with furrel adjustment.