MSR Lightning Ascent 22" Womens Snowshoes - SOLD OUT!

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MSR's line of quality outdoor adventure gear holds high regard among adventurists and casual enthusiasts alike. The Lightning Ascent snowshoe is developed to be ultra lightweight and features unique full shoe crampon design that grips in all snow conditions. Womens model features low profile frame to compliment a narrow gait.

  • Frames are rugged aluminum.
  • Decking is durable, ultralight ballistic fabric.
  • Posi-Lock AT bindings are secure, freeze resistant (down to -28°C), and accommodate any footwear.
  • DTX crampons are made of a single piece of thick martensite steel for increased strength and durability.
  • Teeth around the perimeter of the frame provide 360-degree traction for grip when traversing.
  • Ergo Televator heel lifts reduce fatigue and improve traction while climbing, and are easily engaged with your pole.
  • Accepts MSR Lightning tails to add additional flotation for heavier loads and less supportive snow.