Olicamp Rocket Fuel 4 Season 100g

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  • ALL SEASON PERFORMANCE : Olicamp Fuel is blended for all season performance. High values of fuel propellant provide cold weather output and bring you quick and fuel efficient boil times. Standard screw-on valve fits a variety of appliances.
  • BACKPACKER’S DELIGHT – A perfect addition to your backpacking adventures. olicamp rocket fuel being light-weight and compact, is designed to be a reliable fuel source for backpackers looking to cook a hot meal with limited resources or space
  • FUEL BLEND: 75% Isobutane 25% Propane . 1 liter of naphtha (chemically clean gasoline / petrol) with added corrosion protection. Last long
  • WHEN USING : 100g Canister = 10.4 Liters of water boiled using Olicamp stoves and XTS pot. 44 Cups boiled @ 5,000 ft elevation. Recommend for outside use only.
  • HIGH-QUALITY PERFORMANCE : Perfect for outside cooking, backpacking, and other outdoor activity needs Isobutane, unlike other fuel sources can maintain consistent cooking press.
  • Note: Not shippable