Used Wave Sport X White Water Kayak

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Playboating is all about changing direction and the X has the ability to do this. This self-motivated boat knows how to do all the moves from side grinding surfs to vertical links.

Beginners through experts can tap into new ways to have fun in this slice n’ dice machine. Put on your noseplugs and a grin and go for it!

Length: 8", 2.44m

Width: 24 1/2", 0.62 m

Depth: 12 3/4", 0.32 m

Volume: 55 gals, 208 L

Weight: 37 lbs, 16.78 kg

Paddle Weight: 80-200 lbs, 36-91 kg

Paddle Height: 5'0"-6'4", 1.53-1.93 m