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Rapidly dissolving iodine-free tablets that can be used over the long term with no adverse effects. They are safe for adults (including pregnant women) and children. Effective against giardia, bacteria, and viruses, when directions are followed. They have not been proven effective against the cyst cryptosporidium. Be sure to use an additional filter if cryptosporidium is suspected.

  • Contains 50 tablets. In normal use with clear water, each tablet treats 1L. Cloudy water or water containing organic material, may require an additional tablet.
  • Requires 30 minute contact time with water.
  • No odour, no colour, and will not stain plastic bottles.
  • Contains sodium dichloroisocyanurate (source of chlorine), certified to NSF / ANSI Standard 60.
  • Approved and used by international aid agencies including: NATO, WHO, Unicef, International Red Cross, Medecins Sans Frontieres, and Oxfam.